DecaMove Magnetometer calibration procedure

A good magnetometer calibration is important to ensure an accurate heading for long sessions.

The purpose of the magnetometer calibration is to calibrate for the unique magnetic field affecting the environment in which the calibration process takes place – your playing area. Rotating the three-axis magnetometers allows the DecaMove to separate the surrounding magnetic field from the magnetic field of the device itself.

  1. Open the DecaHub app, click on “Devices” and click on the “DecaMove” tab
  2. In the DecaMove device options, click on “Calibrate Magnetometer”
  3. Take a look on the animation below, and once the calibration movements are clear, click “Start”.
  4. Rotate the DecaMove ~180° and back in each axis as shown in the animation video below.
  5. The calibration process should take around 6-8 seconds and once finish, click on “Save”

That’s it, your DecaMove’s magnetometer is now calibrated to your play area.