Step-by-step instructions for the DecaMove Android app


Install DecaHub on your PC

Install the latest DecaHub version on your PC if you havn’t done it already.

As its name suggests, DecaHub is a control hub for every device or sofware we release.


Install DecaMove on your Android Phone

Install the DecaMove app from Google Play here.
or download the APK directly from here.


Start the app

Start the DecaMove app and it should discover your gaming PC running DecaHub.


If there are no PCs discovered, try the following:

  • Make sure your PC running the last DecaHub version can be downloaded from here.
  • Make sure that both your phone and PC are connected to the same WI-Fi network.
  • Make sure that DecaHub is allowed in Windows Firewall.
    • Click here to quickly learn how to add Windows Firewall rule for DecaHub.
  • If your PC is still not automatically discoverable by the DecaMove app, click on “Dont see your PC above? click here” and manually type the IP address of a PC running DecaHub. Then press “Connect” 
    • Click here to learn how to find your PC IP address.


Connect to your PC

The app will list all the PCs in your WiFi network which are running the DecaHub software.

Click on the one you wish to connect to.


DecaMove control

Once the DecaMove app is connected to your PC it will show “Connected” as status and a “Disconnect” button to disconnect..

  1. Everytime you change the playing area (even a different room in your house) it’s recommended to calibrate your phone magnetometer (compass) by following these instructions.
  2. DecaMove will require in-game calibration when you start your VR session and recalibration every time your headings will drift to a degree that will affect your gameplay. Click here to quickly learn how to perform in-game calibration here.
  3. By default, DecaMove displays your hip’s headings via in-game overlay UI.
    • You can toggle it On / Off using your phone’s physical volume buttons even while the phone is locked.
    • The DecaMove takes control of the volume buttons so they cannot be used to change the volume level. To release them, click on “Disconnect” or click 4 times on either the Volume Up / Down button.