Vket 6 DecaMove Giveaway Announcement

Logo for Vket 6, the VRChat based virtual reality event run by Hikky

Hey DecaFans! 

As you remember in our post last week, we’re going to be at Vket 6 from August 14th to 28th, which promises to be a fun and exciting event, with quality design and interactivity for everyone to enjoy.

Oh but before we go on, there’s someone at the booth we’d like you to meet first…

Meet Naví:

Navi Speaks, a VR game and DecaMove giveaway at the DecaGear Booth in VKet 6, developed and run by VRHIKKY.
Naví means “Prophet” in Hebrew, and he’ll be your Navi-gator towards our giveaway!

Sitting prominently at the entrance of our booth, you may notice a fortune teller wearing our headset. He is our in-house fortune teller, Naví, and he has a “Big” reason for being there. Just stick a virtual coin into the coin slot, read your ticket and find out if your wishes will come true. 
That is, if you wished for a DecaMove, a clever little hip-navigation device.

That’s right, at our booth, we’ll be hosting a giveaway where you have a chance of winning our first VR product for free. And if you don’t win the first time, don’t worry about it. Feel free to come back each day of the event to try again. 

Already ordered a DecaMove? Then let your friends know about our giveaway! All they have to do is drop by our booth and test their luck with Naví.

More about Our Booth:

The DecaGear booth sits in the Japanese festival-themed world called “En-nichi,” in between all the elegant and decorative scenery of a Japanese festival. If you see a booth with a large DecaGear headset sitting on top of it, you’ll know you’ve found the right place! Clad in our brand colors, the entire booth is accentuated with a futuristic blueish glow and a teal rug that leads visitors inside, where you will be able to pick up and handle detailed virtual versions of the HMD. If you’re curious about our full VR product line, just take a look at the information board to the left. 

As great as all of this sounds, one more part of our booth is perhaps the most important Vket exclusive for us. Stay in touch next week, as we’ll be releasing that last DecaLeak before HIKKY opens Vket 6 to the public. 

Curious about what it’ll be? Chat about it in our lively official Discord or tag us on Twitter! Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you over at our booth on August 14th!