There is a Unique Opportunity to Hire Great People right now

Most people spend up to a third of their lives at work – that’s a long time, which is why the changes enforced by Covid feels so epoch-making. Noone knows what post-pandemic working life will look like yet one thing is for sure: for millions of us, the regular 9-to-5 routine will be a thing of the past.

For many, changes are happening in real-time as adapting to Covid-19 reshapes companies, industries, national economies and the very fabric of our society in previously unthinkable ways. Businesses need to think creatively to keep up with the rapidly changing situation and seize upon any opportunities that this crisis creates. 

Some companies are already hiring people to act as “Head of Remote” and are “carving out new jobs for executives to act as advocates for virtual workers and think more broadly about a lasting remote future,” as Jena McGregor wrote recently in the Washington Post.

One benefit that we see already is that the pool of available talent is changing and expanding. People with valuable skills are no longer restricting themselves to career paths in their town or city of residence, or even the country where they live. Remote working creates global opportunities for the ambitious, and businesses that can adapt fast are in prime position to make the most of it, laying the groundwork for post-crisis recovery and growth.

The benefits are becoming apparent for companies who can quickly adapt to remote working, but it’s not just a simple case of letting employees take home office. It will be an ongoing process in our new normal to make ever more challenging roles remote. Yet with creative thinking, it is possible to envisage a situation where even Hardware Engineers can still collaborate on the same device from different locations around the world.

As a self-funded startup that engages in complex tasks involving cutting edge software and hardware, we rely on a variety of disciplines. Instead of bringing people physically into the same office, we seek to build a team of talented individuals who can collaborate and create from anywhere on the planet.

We believe that remote working should enable people to work where they feel the most creative and productive. That isn’t necessarily from home – it could be your favorite cafe, a hot desk in a coworking space, your gym, or even sitting on the beach.

So, if you’re a software or hardware engineer, industrial designer, UX expert, or a gamer with ideas about what’s next for virtual reality, contact me here. We are a company who wants you to contribute meaningful and original work, no matter where you are.