The Success of Virtual Market 6!

It has already been 2 weeks since Vket 6 has closed and we are still buzzing from the excitement and gratitude we feel from this successful event.
We, of course, couldn’t have done it without the tremendous efforts of VR firm, Hikky, behind not only the En-Nichi world, but all 32 of the vibrant Vket worlds. There is something really beautiful behind experiencing such a large immersive production that is only available for a short 2 weeks.
DecaKel and WireWhiz at the DecaGear Booth at Vket6
With such positive feedback from Hikky, confirming a very high number of visitors and interactions at our booth, it’s only fair that we acknowledge and thank all of the DecaFans (as well as the Deca-Curious) who made this awesome turnout possible.
First of all, a huge congratulations to our 300 winners from the DecaMove Giveaway Event where we had over 2000 entries! And also a big thank you to the 2000 VR adventurers who popped into the Blue Lantern and pre ordered the DecaGear One.
Many of our visitors were kind enough to post their spirited selfies taken at our booth as you can see below and in our photo gallery. It was such a treat for a couple members of our team to be able to talk ‘face to face’ with some of our virtual visitors and answer their questions.

Thrillseeker Visits the DecaGear Booth

We hope to continue having more virtual events like this until we are able to expand globally and connect more with our supporting countries.
The DecaMove has proven to be a successful first product in our line of VR hardware and because of it, we were able to learn valuable lessons on how to improve and expand as a company. Now we are excited to shift more focus to the release of the DecaGear One and make sure it’s everything we’ve promised it to be and more.
More on that, next week…
Bye for now!