DecaMove Price Update

Hi guys!

We know we have been a little quiet lately and for that we are sorry. A lot of necessary changes have been happening with the company.

The launch of the DecaMove this year has been an overall success even with the occasional bump in the road. HUGE thanks to all of the bloggers and campaign supporters. We really appreciate the support you have given and continue to give us.

We count the DecaMove as a win and a fantastic accessory addition to VR systems around the world. Having said that, it is time for us to move forward and level up as a company. The retail price of the DecaMove is now $79 USD from our original launch price of $59 USD, effective immediately.

Aside from accommodating the price inflation of components, we have also made some firmware improvements and upgraded our product fulfilment policies to allow faster and more efficient delivery worldwide.

Thank you again to all of our original supporters who took a leap of faith with us. You are what helped drive our company forward.

Stay tuned, as we will have some sales and promotions coming up soon.

Until then, keep Deca-Moving!

- DecaTeam