DecaGear Meets Vket

Read the headline. It says it all. We’re going to be at Vket 6 this August from the 14th to the 28th on VRChat!

What is Vket?

VR Virtual Market poster for the upcoming Vket 6, which will be featured on the social virtual reality game, VRChat.

Vket, short for “Virtual Market,” is a bi-annual event run by Tokyo-based VR firm HIKKY where artists, creators and corporations around the globe host fun and interactive booths that promote their products. We’ve seen World-famous companies like NetflixAudi, and even the Disney Store featured at this event.

Come to Vket to hang out with your friends, buy physical and digital products, and enjoy new experiences only possible in VR. If you don’t have a headset, don’t worry! The Vket worlds are accessible from social VR app, VRChat, which is available on desktop as well as VR devices. 

You won’t want to miss the creative elements to each booth, either. At Vket 4, we’ve seen Audi with a test-drive of their newest electric car, as well as real attendants to help out visitors. At the same event, Netflix featured an immersive cyberpunk-esque movie theatre containing the first episode of their Ghost in the Shell anime. If that was a year ago, then you can expect this season’s Virtual Market to promote far more inventive booths!

Concept Art for HIKKY’s Virtual Market and it’s Japanese festival world, where the DecaMove booth is located
Concept Art for “Festivals” theme – Hikky Co. Ltd.

And HIKKY has put all of this together alongside beautiful and breath-taking scenery with an attention to detail that will completely immerse you into an alternate reality.  As the sixth iteration of Vket, this season’s theme is “Festivals” featuring a stunning Japanese summer festival called “En-nichi”, and another “Core” world with dazzling locations from around the world.

With all these different worlds in place, it’s no surprise that they’ve just been awarded a Guinness World Record for having the most booths at a virtual reality market from Vket 5. 

No doubt it will be a wonderful display that deserves a visit, especially during the current environment, where for many, an event like this in real life, wouldn’t be possible. 

But there’s another reason why you should visit…

We’re Going to Be There!

Photo of the DecaGear VR headset display inside the booth at HIKKY’s Vket 6

That’s right, DecaGear will be a part of this Virtual Market! Thanks to the impressive efforts of HIKKY, we at MegaDodo will be hosting our own interactive booth featuring our line of VR products. And trust us when we say you’ll be wanting to visit our booth daily.

Why is that? Well, keep an eye on our blog, because we may just let slip a few DecaLeaks…

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the Official DecaGear Discord or on Twitter.
We hope you’ll keep supporting us by participating in Vket this August.

Have you have a good day, wherever you are.