AWE 2021 Features CEVA and DecaMove


Global corporation CEVA, a leading licensor of smart sensing technologies, is the supplier of DecaMove's very own IMU, the BNO085, a clever little sensor that tracks acceleration and orientation of an object. In the DecaMove, this single chip provides us with the orientation of the user’s hip, which in turn allows us to calculate the direction in which the user’s body is facing. You could say that without this 9-axis sensor, the DecaMove wouldn’t fulfill its primary purpose.


AWE supports a thriving community of XR professionals from creators and developers to startups and XR product leaders and from the 9th - 11th November, AWE 2021 is bringing them all together in Santa Clara, California. Among 200+ exhibitors at the impressive XR expo, CEVA will be showcasing DecaMove at their booth. You will be able to see it demonstrated live in VR and can even try it out for yourself!
We challenge you to beat CEVA’s Charles in his VR gaming skills and take a snap and share it on your socials with hashtag #CEVAxDECAMOVE
A huge thanks and shout out to the folks at CEVA for partnering with us!
And to our XR enthusiast readers, enjoy the event and make sure to visit CEVA’s booth!
- DecaTeam