Deca News

AWE 2021 Features CEVA and DecaMove

Global corporation CEVA, a leading licensor of smart sensing technologies, is the supplier of DecaMove’s very own IMU, the BNO085, a clever little sensor that tracks acceleration and orientation of an object.

DecaMove Price Update

The launch of the DecaMove this year has been an overall success even with the occasional bump in the road. HUGE thanks to all of the bloggers and campaign supporters. We really appreciate the support you have given and continue to give us.

The Success of Virtual Market 6!

It has already been 2 weeks since Vket 6 has closed and we are still buzzing from the excitement and gratitude we feel from this successful event.

DecaGear Pre-Orders Only at Vket 6

If you’ve noticed on our website, you’ll see that we’ve unfortunately closed pre-orders in order to keep the DecaGear’s release from delaying any more than it already has. However, we decided that, during the time of Vket, we can allow a few more people the chance to reserve their own DecaGear.

Vket 6 DecaMove Giveaway Announcement

As you remember in our post last week, we’re going to be at Vket 6 from August 14th to 28th, which promises to be a fun and exciting event, with quality design and interactivity for everyone to enjoy.
Oh but before we go on, there’s someone at the booth we’d like you to meet first…

DecaGear Meets Vket

Come to Vket to hang out with your friends, buy physical and digital products, and enjoy new experiences only possible in VR. If you don’t have a headset, don’t worry! The Vket worlds are accessible from social VR app, VRChat, which is available on desktop as well as VR devices. 

DecaMove package

DecaMoves are being shipped!

The Early Mover and Early-ish Mover DecaMoves are QC’d, packed and have started shipping! The August batch will follow shortly after.

DecaMove Production Update

Just a quick update on our end about our production of DecaMove.
We’re not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy trying to release our first product in this long-lead-time climate. As you probably already know, any one of you trying to order a Nvidia GPU or AMD, knows that it’s almost impossible these days.

Choose to have a WHITE DecaMove

Great news! You can now choose to have a
WHITE DecaMove.
We have limited stock for the White DecaMoves, choose before June 10th, 2021!

Thank you from all of us!

The Decamove pre order campaign is finally coming to an end in under 30 hours. More than 6000 Decamove units were ordered during the campaign

DecaGear 1: Pre-orders are now closed

Hi… Our preorders are now closed for the DecaGear price of $450. We cannot express how grateful and overwhelmed we are with the response we’ve