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DecaGear V1: is it ‘Next-Gen’ VR?

August 27, 2020 | No Comments
I've played video games for longer than I'd like to admit, yet still I find myself dissatisfied when playing in VR. And I know many others do too. I have a couple of the latest VR headsets here in my home but I still find myself going back to my old mouse and keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m convinced VR will be everywhere from video games to education, retail to real estate. And businesses will be screaming out for immersive new experiences to engage employees and customers.    But to reach mainstream status, VR must be: Wireless with high-fidelity graphics Lower cost More realistic   Wirelessness with high-fidelity graphics High-end headsets like the Valve Index sacrifice freedom of movement for high-quality graphics.  On the other end, standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest prioritize freedom of movement over graphics. To compensate, game developers are forced to simplify visuals and fake…
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