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What is the D.E.C.A project all about?

D.E.C.A is a Hardware / Software gaming project, Developed in-house at Megadodo simulation games, with a goal to create a VR experience that is so seamlessly immersive where there are no physical barriers between the user and the virtual objects and environment.

DecaGear is a VR setup which features full body tracking, full facial movements into avatar facial expressions, Moving in Place gesture system for borderless locomotion in the virtual environment and wearable controllers that allow to naturally manipulate virtual objects and the environment around the player.

D.E.C.A is a multiverse platform with universal freedom and possibilities, where everyone you meet is a real person.

The platform is open for game developers to create exciting VR experiences that can support all of DecaGear features.

DecaGear can be used with other games and VR experiences, currently supports SteamVR.

Open-source technology, Why it matters?

D.E.C.A is about freedom and choice and promote openness in the Virtual reality world, and we don’t believe it’s possible for any company to build a vast, ever-expanding multiverse in house or predict how people will want to play and use it.

The D.E.C.A multiverse cannot exist without open-source and it was born from the idea of an open-source platform where anyone can contribute to or use as they see.

How much the DecaGear cost?

The full DecaGear setup costs $875 USD which includes the Deca HMD, two wearable controllers and 3 body trackers.

If you already has SteamVR base stations (either v1 or v2) you can buy the package without base stations for $650 USD.

How much the game cost?

D.E.C.A is free to play and can be downloaded from

How can I play D.E.C.A?

D.E.C.A is a social sensory immersive experience, which means that you play and interact with others and they with you so you will have to use the DecaGear in order to fully experience it.

You can play D.E.C.A with other VR systems with some limitations.

What else I use the DecaGear for?

DecaGear supports SteamVR and you can play most of the games there

We maintain a list of games we checked and supported here: list link

Where I can buy the DecaGear?

You can buy the DecaGear online in less than 2 mins & send it back for a full refund for any reason.