DecaMove: Quick Start Guide

Get to know your DecaMove device



Download and Install DecaHub

Download and Install the DecaHub installer here

Open the DecaHub software from your Windows Start menu.


Connect the DecaMove dongle

Screw-in the extended range antenna to the USB dongle and connect the dongle to your PC to any USB port.

DecaHub software will show the connection status change from “Closed” to “Open”.

It is recommended to connect the DecaMove dongle to a front USB port if available.



Turn on the DecaMove by pressing the button for 2 seconds.Notice the connection status changes to “Streaming” and the compass icon rotates according to how you rotate your DecaMove.

Pairing should happen automatically once the dongle is connected and the
DecaMove is switched on. Please refer to the troubleshooting section for any issue.


Calibrate the DecaMove Magnetometer

(For first time use only)

DecaMove delivers precise, low latency, and high accuracy hip tracking. The device’ sensor fusion relies heavily on the magnetometer which MUST be calibrated before first use.

Calibration is easy and should take less than 20 seconds, please follow these instructions carefully.



The DecaMove can be placed anywhere along the waist and hip area but we recommend placing it on the sides so that it doesn’t interfere with crouching down or bending forward.


Launch games from DecaHub’s Home

In order to support many games without the need for the game developer to install the devices’ SDK, it’s important that you launch games from the DecaHub.

Go to the Home tab and click the game you want to play (e.g. Pavlov VR)

A check mark next to it means that DecaMove supports this game.


In-game Calibration

Calibration is needed at the start of every gameplay session and at any time you feel the device heading has drifted.

DecaMove’s gestured calibration does not require any special settings or any pressing of buttons:
Simply hold your controllers close together in front of your hips. Make sure your hands point in the same direction as your head. Then look forward and don’t move for 1 second. You will see the “Calibrating…” message show up, hold the position until it’s complete. That’s it. You are calibrated.


Game settings

Once the game is running, go to the game settings menu and make sure that the locomotion method is set on continuous and head-oriented and set the dominant hand to right-handed.

Also, depending on the game, remove any joystick manipulation mechanism (e.g. locking the joystick in Contractors, or smoothing the joystick in Boneworks). This is a very important step. Without removing it, the movement will be wrong.

Try pushing the left joystick forward to walk around, you will see that your movement is now relative to your hip. Enjoy the game with DecaMove!


DecaMove In-Game UI

The DecaMove does one thing and it does it efficiently and accurately. It allows you to navigate with your hip with minimal drift so that your movement direction can be independent from your headset or hand controllers.

It may take a bit of time to get used to this type of navigation control, especially if you are used to playing with controller-based movement, but it will give you an advantage against other non-DecaMovers.

We add an In-Game UI that shows your hip headings and the DecaMove battery gauge.
You can turn it On or Off by clicking on the DecaMove button.

Visit the Tips section for more info of how to use the DecaMove properly.

Charging the DecaMove

To charge the DecaMove, please connect it to a USB port on your laptop or PC using the provided USB cable.

Please note: Only use your PC USB ports for charging the DecaMove prototype. Do not charge with a fast charger or USB ports that are available on power extensions to avoid risk of damage.

The PC dongle can remain connected to your PC even when the DecaMove is not in use.