Everything Deca in one place

Hip tracking support for phones, DecaMove devices and SteamVR trackers

All DecaGear settings in one place

Seamless integration with STEAM VR

Play PC VR content on DecaGear using WiFi, completely wirelessly

The DecaMove shifts navigation away from the head or controllers to the hip seamlessly without changing the input method. You move with the joystick exactly as you would without the DecaMove, No need for special hand gestures, no need for additional trackers or to change anything in the controllers.

Download DecaHub for Windows 10

Latest version includes Hip-Tracking support for Phones, DecaMove devices and SteamVR trackers.

Download DecaMove for Android

The latest version includes turning on / off the DecaMove UI using your phone volume up / down button.

DecaMove for iOS

We are on it! Coming soon...