DecaGear Pre Orders during Vket 6


What is this pre order for?

This is another chance for those who didn’t make the first round
to pre order the DecaGear One. This Pre Order will include:

How much do I have to pay?

Nothing right now and you won’t need to enter any payment details yet either.

But how much is the headset?

The cost is still TBD but will be no more than $549 USD

When will I get it?

The estimated release is Q3 2022 or possibly earlier.

How do I get it?

When will I have to pay?

Consider this pre order number as a reservation for a headset. When your order is about to enter manufacturing, you will receive a 2nd email with a link to make a payment and update your shipping address.
Once the payment is cleared your headset will go into assembly, packaged and from there, make its way to you.

What if I change my mind when the headset is ready?

There is no obligation to keep your order and you may cancel it at any time before any payment is made.

What if I already made a DecaGear Pre order last year?

Your pre order is safe and sound and due to come in sooner than this round of pre orders.
You will not need to make another pre order here.

Ok! I’m ready!

Click the button to get your pre order!