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DecaFace - main DecaGear DecaGear 1 built with VRChat, Pavlov VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and other multiplayer games in mind.

With technologies as facial tracking, pressure sensitive controllers with all finger tracking and hip based navigation you get a deeper presence in VR and a wider range of expressiveness when playing with others.

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      Slide Multiplayer VR starts with facial tracking. Meet FaceFlow

      Slide Upper face camera Located inside the headset to track your pupils, eyelids, brows, upper nose and forehead to ensure there are NO more expressionless players around you. Lower face camera Located outside the headset to track your mouth, lips, lower nose, cheeks and tongue to mirror your facial expressions into your digital self. Two global-shutter infrared cameras cover your face from within and outside the headset to track more than 50 muscle movements, delivering amazing expressiveness and making your VR experience way more personal.

      Slide Watch the video play_circle_outline The most advanced
      Facial tracking
      tech in VR
      DecaFace youtube

      privacy FaceFlow is engineered to protect your privacy and doesn’t store or share your facial images.
      See how FaceFlow works without storing or sharing your photo
      FaceFlow = Privacy
      FaceFlow = Privacy The Deca FaceFlow analyzes your face locally, on-device, 60 times per second, using two infrared cameras.

      On each frame the system captures an image of your face and input it to a multi-head CNN (convolutional neural network) to detect facial features. These facial features are converted to blend-shapes values and the image is deleted immediately, nothing leaves your PC or gets backed up to our servers.

      Slide DecaMove It just got a whole lot easier to maneuver in VR.

      Slide Watch the video play_circle_outline With DecaMove, navigation is based on your hips direction, freeing your hands for interaction and your head to look around.
      DecaMove youtube

      Slide Use the force…
      These wearable hand
      controllers are not
      required to be physically
      held. Natural gripping or
      grasping is possible when
      needed just by squeezing
      the controller
      . You can
      also drop objects as you
      usually do just by
      opening your hand.
      A middle finger
      to enemies
      is now possible.
      Your hands act like
      hands! These controllers
      can sense movement
      of all five fingers to
      provide a wide range of
      gestures and expressions.
      A controller designed for
      natural interaction.

      Slide Did we mention that this
      headset has a resolution
      of 4320 x 2160 ?

      Slide Everything looks better throught the DecaGear headset,
      Text is super sharp and overall graphics are a sight to behold
      | Custom lenses deliver
      bright, vivid colors and reduced "screen-door" effect.
      1058ppi Ultra High-Pixel-Density 90Hz Refresh rate

      9.3M pixels

      2160xRGBx2160 per eye

      Everything looks better through the DecaGear headset,
      Text is super sharp and overall graphics are a sight to behold
      Custom lenses deliver
      bright, vivid colors and reduced "screen-door" effect.
      90Hz Refresh rate

      Ultra High-Pixel-Density 1058ppi 9.3M pixels

      2160xRGBx2160 per eye

      Slide provides precise
      room-scale tracking
      without external
      of tracking coverage
      ensures your hands
      are tracked from
      almost anywhere
      in realistic precision.
      jitter is less than a
      millimeter in most
      <1MM precision

      Slide Play games wirelessly
      on your DecaGear 1

      Slide DecaAir is a 7000mAh battery pack that connects on the back of the strap, distributing the overall headset weight and making it lighter on the front, applies less pressure on the face and allows you to play comfortably all day long compared to all-in-one headsets.

      DecaAir costs $49 and allows up to 6 Hours of VR Gaming.

      Slide DecaGear supports ALL the
      VR games and apps in the
      Steam® library.
      Browse VR titles on Steam®

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