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Frequently Asked Questions​

  • Field of vision: 114°
  • Display:
    • Refresh rate: 90hz
    • Pixel density: 1058ppi
    • LCD
    • Resolution: 2160xRGBx2160 per eye
  • Tracking specs:
    • 4 Cameras
    • 225° of tracking coverage.
    • <1mm precision
  • Eye and face tracking:
    • 2 cameras for the upper and lower face
    • 60hz cameras
    • updateable AI model

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DecaGear doesn’t support Foveated rendering as their facial camera runs at 60hz and rendering is 90hz. It’s on the list of optional developing and might come later in a software update.

DecaGear preorders are currently planned to be released in Q4 2021 and it is planned to be available for retail in Q1 2022 for a 10% to 20% higher price then the preorders .

With the preorder kit you get the DecaGear headset, 2 Deca controllers, and a DecaMove (unless you purchased a DecaMove separately).

From the first development update, "Most of them are not good enough or targeted for VR and all of them, including SteamVR, do not meet our costs target.

DecaGear is not a standalone headset. It requires a VR Ready PC.

As a PCVR headset, you get a true Display Port connection
and not a TCP - USB wired connection like Quest 2.

The controllers are currently planned to have a built-in rechargeable battery.

Yes, when you pre-order it, you are guaranteed that price.
Production costs change all the time, and our margin on the hardware
is low. Pre-ordering will concrete the current price.

While not natively supported, you should be able to use DecaGear with Index Controllers and trackers and other native SteamVR device using OpenVR Space calibrator