Our Company

At the core of Megadodo Games is the belief that VR is going to be a huge part of our future in various industries such as Travel, Sports, Education, Gaming, Shopping, Workforce training, Real estate and more. In order to get there, VR needs to be built around social experiences, be highly immersive, easy to use out of the box and affordable.

The hardware

XR is about to replace all existing flat mediums: TV, Laptops, Tablets, Personal computers and Mobile phones. But today high immersive VR is associated with cables, heavy HMD, external hardware or sensors and overall a medium that requires advanced technical skills.

We’re here to change it with a complete VR system which will act as a single entry point VS the cluttered and complicated “DIY” PC setups that users build today. A system that amplifies human expressiveness in high visual fidelity, powered by untethered, high performance architecture.


The chances are slim for a person to become a medical doctor, an archaeologist and an astronaut in one lifetime. It’s impossible to explore Mars, fly like a bird, visit different centuries or be in the middle of a historical event like the Normandy invasion. No matter what we do, there are experiences which are inaccessible to us in natural reality. 

Natural reality limits us and denies access to the full spectrum of experiences our mind requires to achieve higher levels of wisdom, empathy and cognitive well-being.

That’s where virtual reality technology and the so called metaverse comes in. 

Deca.net is an open sourced network (in the works) that allows millions of people to add their own values and elements to it through content creation, programming and design.

Passion for the future

When the internet became mainstream in 1995, there were only 14 million people online at the time. Today there are already two and a half billion gamers online experiencing virtual worlds everyday. The League of Legends World Championship was watched by 44 million people compared to just 7.5 million for the NBA finals. It’s hard to imagine where VR will be even 5 years from now, but the end result of technological achievement is often so impressive that we forget the drive of the innovators behind the solution. While we are a technology company, we deliver our VR innovation with enthusiasm and passion for design. We are engineers, designers, gamers and content consumers. 


The DecaGear One is no longer just a vision. DecaMove is already being shipped to users and other products like the DecaGear headset are in production. With facial tracking, hip based navigation, pressure-sensing hand controllers with five finger tracking and a robust, out-of-the-box untethered experience, DecaGear is proof that the combination of passion and technology can deliver a truly groundbreaking VR experience. The DecaGear One headset is just the beginning. We will use what we have created in the DecaGear One as a foundation for higher immersive VR products to come. From a VR perspective, it is 1995 now and highly immersive, infinite detailed experiences that will extend your natural reality are just around the corner and your next time travel will be with DecaGear. 

Our Mission

Megadodo Games designs, develops and sells highly immersive, easy-to-use and affordable virtual reality gear through non-stop innovations in computer vision, AI, sensors and haptic technologies in order to enable a new level of presence and expedite the move from flat screens to VR.