Welcome to the future of VR

Sensory VR headset built especially for multiplayer gaming with facial tracking, sensing controllers, hip based navigation and 4K display.


Look where you want, shoot where you want, move where you want.

Use your Android or iPhone as a DecaMove and experience hip based navigation now.

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The DecaMove device corrects drift based on your gameplay, its easy to clip on, has 15 hour battery life and weighs 35 grams.


The power of your PC, untethered…

DecaAir, 160gram, clip it on the back of the DecaGear headset and enjoy 5 hours of game time via WiFi 5/6/6e

AWE 2021 Features CEVA and DecaMove

Global corporation CEVA, a leading licensor of smart sensing technologies, is the supplier of DecaMove’s very own IMU, the BNO085, a clever little sensor that tracks acceleration and orientation of an object.

DecaMove Price Update

The launch of the DecaMove this year has been an overall success even with the occasional bump in the road. HUGE thanks to all of the bloggers and campaign supporters. We really appreciate the support you have given and continue to give us.

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