Reality is a thing of the past

What is D.E.C.A

The Diversified Evocative Communal Airspace or in short D.E.C.A is Cratea’s communal skyline and also happen to be the most vibrant place in the Dodo Nebula.

It’s a destination, a huge, complex and open source virtual reality sandbox that let you decide of your own gaming experience. Make friends and enemies, fight to survive, explore Cratons, build a Craton, join a faction, maximize your assets and change the fate of D.E.C.A with your decisions and actions.

We bring you the Gear and the D.E.C.A source, from here… it’s up to you.

Organic gameplay with almost no player automation

Use of all the DecaGear immersive features, yes! If you will press hard enough you will break that glass.

Naturally encompassed multiple activities instead of just one, check inventory while you walk, shoot while you drive or have a phone call while you shop.

Ever expanding universe created, managed and monetize by its community (you).

Economic freedom – D.E.C.A chips are created automatically, every player gets basic monthly income, every player pays for teleportation from their basic monthly income. Other than that you can trade, steal, invest, evolve items, offer services or join missions offered by others.

No government, no rules, there is no script – Actions of the players impact everything.

DecaGear features

We take immersion seriously, DecaGear lets you immerse on every level from presence to emotion and naturally interact with virtual worlds:

Full body tracking

  • Translates every move you do with your body to your avatar in high accuracy

  • Fully automated, ML based inverse kinematic system allows full body tracking without movement glitches.

Moving in Place system (MiP)

  • Leg gesture system that allows boundless locomotion in the virtual space allows you to explore huge areas in-place.

  • Independent movement controlled only by your legs and body poses. In battle royal, you will be able to run forward while looking and shooting back.

  • Sooo many fun ways foot tracking could be used not just for play mechanics but for sheer immersion

Wearable controllers

  • Sits naturally in your hand, not forcing you to hold the controller while playing.

  • Full finger tracking for natural hand operations such as opening a door or reloading a gun.

  • Pointing finger haptic feedback allow you to feel when you click or touch objects and touch interfaces.

  • Grip handler pressure sensors translate the pressure you apply to the platform, so you can squeeze a cola can if you apply enough pressure

Facial tracking

  • Translate facial movements into your avatar facial expressions

  • Full lip synch

  • Show everyone your emotions

  • NPCs can interact using information provided by the face-tracking blendshapes.